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Welcome to the Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology (LCSB)!

At the LCSB, we work at the interface of synthetic and systems biology to identify the design principles of biological processes for medical and biotechnological applications.

Our research areas of interest include:

Cellular Networks Kinetic Modelling Novel Biotransformations
The Atlas of Biochemistry The Atlas of Biochemistry The Atlas of Biochemistry

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New software @LCSB pyTFA and matTFA

Check out our freshly published Software packages pyTFA and matTFA. A python and a MATLAB implementation of thermodynamics based flux analysis.

Both software packages are freely available under the APACHE2 license: Get pyTFA and get matTFA


We welcome a new lab member

With the beginning of this month, we welcome Robin Denhardt-Erikson as a new Ph.D. student @LCSB.

Fighting malaria through metabolism

We published the first genome-scale model of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum that has been thermodynamically curated and analyzed.

You can now download the model from our database: Download model


We welcome our new lab members

With the beginning of this month, Homa Mohammadi and Pierre Salvy joined the LCSB as Ph.D. students.


All day

Congratulations to Jasmin Hafner and Anush Chiappino Pepe for the first and the second price at the System-X best poster award.

A repository of all possible biochemical reactions for synthetic biology and metabolic engineering studies. The database is free for academic use upon subscription.