Advanced principles and applications of systems biology (ChE – 421)

General Information


Dr. Ljubisa MISKOVIC and Prof. Vassily HATZIMANIKATIS
Office: CH H4 595
Tel: +41 (0) 21 693 98 92


This course is a natural continuation of Principles and Applications of System Biology (ChE-411). The goal of this course is to introduce to students systems engineering methodologies as a tool for the study of complex biological networks.

Summary (french)

Ce cours est un prolongement naturel du cours “Principes et applications de la biologie des systèmes (ChE-411)”. L’objectif de ce cours est de présenter aux étudiants les méthodes d’ingénierie systèmes en tant qu’un outil pour l’étude des réseaux biologiques complexes.


Mathematical and computational analysis of metabolic reaction networks with focus on dynamic behavior of (bio)chemicalreaction networks including feedback analysis, multi-stability and higher-level circuit properties such as robustness and retroactivity; Network motifs; Probabilistic approach to analysis of biological networks and Bayesian networks.

Systems of study: metabolic pathways, signaling networks, genetic regulatory networks.


U. Alon, An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits

Klipp et al., Systems Biology in Practice: Concepts, Implementation and Application

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